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In the new technology era software (in computers, mobile devices, servers, and etc.) is the main tool at work, without which it is hard to imagine the functioning of any business entity. Taking this into consideration VPIA encourages business entities to ensure they use only legitimate software in their activities. Below you will find some information which VPIA believes is necessary to be known by every fair, intelligent, attentive and thoughtful person.

Software Management

In order for the software to provide maximum benefit to the company, it must be properly managed. Proper software management prevents from such undesirable consequences as legal liability for using unlicensed software, loss of confidential, financial and other data, and ineffective use of company funds, e.g. acquisition of unnecessary software, and etc. (more…)

Software is protected by law

Computer programs (software) are a copyright object (Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Lithuania (LCRR RL), Art. 4, sec. 2, p. 1). Any use of software (installation, distribution, storage, disclosure, etc.) without the author’s, his successor’s or his or her duly authorized representative’s permission is considered illegal (LCRR RL Article 15, sec. 2). (more…)

Software legality verification

Police authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, according to the law, have the right to check, on their own initiative or if requested by a copyright holder or a third party, the software used in order to determine whether it is properly licensed. (more…)

Negative effects: legal liability

The Lithuanian law establishes civil, administrative or criminal liability for copyright or related rights offences. Civil copyright remedies are regulated by LCRR RL (Article 77–86) as well as general provisions of the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Administrative and criminal liability for copyright and related rights offences are established respectively by the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Lithuania (CAO RL) and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania (CC RL). (more…)

Risk to Your business

Most businesses, regardless of their size, face other risks apart from being held legally liable for unauthorized use of computer software. Numerous cases reported when illegal software was intentionally tapered adding malicious software (key loggers, spyware, viruses, etc.) which is a huge risk to integrity of business processes, which is possibility to implement company data or personal identity theft and opens doors for implementations other risks. (more…)

Illegal software online

Over time the offer of illegal computer software has moved from the streets to cyberspace and today illegal software may be found and acquired online (e.g., online auction sites, P2P networks, etc.). With regard to the software online VPIA advises the following: (more…)

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