Software is protected by law

Computer programs (software) are a copyright object (Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Lithuania (LCRR RL), Art. 4, sec. 2, p. 1). Any use of software (installation, distribution, storage, disclosure, etc.) without the author’s, his successor’s or his or her duly authorized representative’s permission is considered illegal (LCRR RL Article 15, sec. 2).

The copyright holder’s permission to use a computer program (including software for mobile devices) is called a license. It is the program license that gives the computer program user the right to use (reproduce and use) a specific program under the conditions outlined in the license.


that almost each computer software program requires a license to be used. With this in mind make sure that all user information and license agreements are provided to you when buying a programme.

If the software comes with the computer (i.e. already installed) or is purchased from authorized sellers electronically it is also subject to license agreements therefore make sure that before you finalize the purchase you have been provided with all the related user information, corresponding licenses and acquisition documents, which would clearly show the name and version of the program and the date of its purchase (e.g. a VAT invoice).

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