Software legality verification

Police authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, according to the law, have the right to check, on their own initiative or if requested by a copyright holder or a third party, the software used in order to determine whether it is properly licensed.

The verification consists of police officers along with an IT specialist or separately assessing the type of the software installed (reproduced) in the computers under inspection and whether the inspected person has the necessary proof of legitimate use of the software.

Should the inspected person under inspection fail to provide the necessary proof of legitimate software use, police officers have the right to take away the computers for further verification and to initiate an investigation of an administrative offence or a pre-trial investigation in a criminal case.

Since 2011 the inspection by the State Tax Inspectorate includes software legality verification. In cases where a tax administrator during a tax inspection detects a possible unauthorized use of software the information is forwarded to police officers who continue with a further investigation.


keeping all the data and documents that prove the legality of the software and properly accounting for it.

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