Software Management

In order for the software to provide maximum benefit to the company, it must be properly managed. Proper software management prevents from such undesirable consequences as legal liability for using unlicensed software, loss of confidential, financial and other data, and ineffective use of company funds, e.g. acquisition of unnecessary software, and etc.

Implementation of Company Software Management is carried out in three steps:

(1) by establishing clear internal company policy on the use of software;

(2) by properly accounting available software; and

(3) by performing software inventory.

Implementation of the above-mentioned Software Management steps will enable your company to properly manage available software and will ensure effective software use. Software Management will help to plan and save on IT funds as well as ensure that only the required number of copies of adequate software is acquired necessary for the performance of company activities. By knowing specific software used in your company and the number of its copies, you will be able to easily identify the software that needs upgrading for better functioning of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Please see Recommendations on Company Software Management  (in Lithuanian only) that were prepared in cooperation with the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Lithuania.

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